Picture It Season 1 Recap

date added : 26-Aug-2022

All the topics we have covered so far in Season 1of Picture It. Is there anything you’d like us to cover in season 2? Let us know. ABOUT THIS SERIES: "Picture it" is a new video series where Andrew Psarianos, CEO and Founder of Picture Perfect Productions and WeARVR.One, shares his 30 years of experience in the industry with you, in small bites. DOWNLOAD: Download our handy document to get started:

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Why You NEED Production Insurance

date added :25-Aug-2022

You can’t run a business without taking risks. However, you should always take steps to mitigate that risk – which is why production insurance is so important. VIDEO LINKS: Women's Tennis Association: ABOUT THIS SERIES: "Picture it" is a new video series where Andrew Psarianos, CEO and Founder of Picture Perfect Productions and WeARVR.One,…

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Types of Corporate Videos

date added :24-Aug-2022

Corporate video production does not need to be boring. Here are just a few types for you to consider for your next company video. VIDEO LINKS: BIS innovation hub: Geek+ DHL: HSBC: ABOUT THIS SERIES: "Picture it" is a new video series where Andrew Psarianos, CEO and Founder of Picture Perfect Productions…

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Green Screen Tips For Your Video Production

date added :23-Aug-2022

Green screen is not as tricky as it looks with these handy tips for your video production. ABOUT THIS SERIES: "Picture it" is a new video series where Andrew Psarianos, CEO and Founder of Picture Perfect Productions and WeARVR.One, shares his 30 years of experience in the industry with you, in small bites. DOWNLOAD: Download…

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Key People On A Video Production

date added :22-Aug-2022

Ever been on a production set and wondered what does each crew member do? Here’s a video explaining some of the key roles on a production. ABOUT THIS SERIES: "Picture it" is a new video series where Andrew Psarianos, CEO and Founder of Picture Perfect Productions and WeARVR.One, shares his 30 years of experience in…

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5 Tips to Make Your Production Better

date added :19-Aug-2022

Do you have champagne taste but a beer budget? In this episode of Picture It, we give you 5 tips to make your production better. Check it out on below. ABOUT THIS SERIES: "Picture it" is a new video series where Andrew Psarianos, CEO and Founder of Picture Perfect Productions and WeARVR.One, shares his 30…

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What Does A Video Production Cost

date added :18-Aug-2022

Budgeting your video project? Some factors to consider. Let me frame it up for you in episode 02 of Picture it. ABOUT THIS SERIES: "Picture it" is a new video series where Andrew Psarianos, CEO and Founder of Picture Perfect Productions and WeARVR.One, shares his 30 years of experience in the industry with you, in…

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The Most Important Question In Video Production

date added :17-Aug-2022

So you want to make a video but have no idea where to start? Let me tell you what’s the most important question to ask yourself BEFORE even making a video. Check out the video below to find out. ABOUT THIS SERIES: "Picture it" is a new video series where Andrew Psarianos, CEO and Founder…

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Why you NEED Good Tech for your Corporate Video

date added :11-Aug-2022

By Shein Shanin "Good tactics can save even the worst strategy. Bad tactics will destroy even the best strategy" George S. Patton Jr For many successful and productive corporate organisations, strategy is key. Same goes with video production. Having a clear plan will help you not only allocate and justify resources for video production, but…

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header image guide to video production budgets

Understanding Video Production Budgets

date added :28-Mar-2022

A big part of my role as a Producer is to work with clients to understand their objective and goals before moving on to the planning, filming and/or editing phase. Regardless of the projects, clients do have budgets to which they must adhere and they all have the same question: "How much does it cost to…

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B2B Video Marketing: Telling a Compelling Story on Smart Logistics

date added :02-Mar-2022

Videos are an extremely useful marketing tool because it’s a simple format for audiences to consume. With a video marketing strategy in place, businesses can provide an overview of their product or services in an engaging way. Wyzowl’s 2022 Video Marketing report states that “94% of marketers say video has helped them increase understanding of product…

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video storyboard on paper

Do I Need a Storyboard for My Video?

date added :18-Jan-2022

The biggest question a lot of clients have is, do I need a storyboard? The real answer is – it depends. There is a time and place for everything; this includes storyboarding. Detailed frame by frame storyboards are great in theory, but are they really necessary for your video project?  As production house that works with small to…

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4 Best Practices for Running a Virtual Event

date added :07-Dec-2020

If there was one key takeaway in 2020, it is that running a virtual event have become a critical part of the commercial and social fabric of our times. Whether it’s a business event, an internal company update, e-learning courses and workshops or concerts – the shift to from physical to online is apparent and should…

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date added :23-Oct-2020

The Covid-19 virus has brought upon challenges for organisations large and small, across all industries. In our business of digital content creation, we had to adapt to the current situation and still maintain the high-quality service we provide to our clients. Morgan Stanley’s Asset Management team was looking to update their property portfolio across Asia,…

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video content creation singapore


date added :12-Jun-2020

Despite the drastic change in the way we do things, one thing remains constant: the need to create content that tells a story to connect with your audiences on an emotional level. With many countries taking the lock down approach, this pandemic has left many adjusting to a new normal and learning new ways to…

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air aisa branded video content

AirAsia Branded Video Content

date added :07-Feb-2020

Malaysia’s top low-cost airline AirAsia, like many brands, wanted to reach out to their audience with in-flight video content that engages and brings people into an experience. Partnering with DAB Events, we created a series of branded video content for AirAsia that promotes local tourism boards, rental car agencies, hotels, restaurants and more. We know…

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Georgio Armani commercial Singapore


date added :03-Feb-2020

When it came to the production of Armani’s Spring Summer 2020 (SS20) campaign, it was a tough decision between Los Angeles or Singapore. Ultimately, the decision was to film in Singapore. Italian production house – The Box Films, got in touch with us as they were looking for a local production house that could put…

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SFF x SWITCH 2019: Covering APAC’s Largest Financial Technology Conference

date added :10-Jan-2020

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Enterprise Singapore (ESG) came together with Singapore Expo (SingEx) to create ‘SWITCH’, the 2019 Singapore FinTech Festival, with 900 exhibitors, 10 presentation stages and 41 international pavilions over a full week at Singapore Expo’s 100 000 sq. meter event hall. SingEx asked Picture Perfect Productions to create and…

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date added :09-May-2019

Capturing interviews has unique challenges compared to other productions, so it’s important to be dialed in when it comes to lighting, shooting, audio and conducting them — and with our guide, you’ll understand the A-Zs of a successful corporate interview shoot. Last month, we had to plan for a corporate interview shoot across 5 days…

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date added :28-Jan-2019

Many brands have taken the idea of creating a video series as promotional content. In fact, a lot of influential video marketing is done through video series. This is essentially a story told in installments, or in a variety of different ways, it allows the brand to build a more long-term relationship with their audience.…

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Choosing the Perfect Music for Your Video

date added :19-Dec-2018

Music plays an important role in your corporate video and should not be overlooked. Just as how we prep for capturing good audio during a shoot, we also plan to choose music for a video in advance. It’s not uncommon to start thinking about this while we prepare a script, or even earlier, often with…

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linkedin video production


date added :14-Dec-2018

There are millions of LinkedIn members that have conversations about work, career, and interests every day. With the launched of LinkedIn native video, you can build your network and improve your reach. Learning how to use LinkedIn videos to share your experience and perspectives can help further these conversations to get ahead in your careers…

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fox news trump kim summit


date added :06-Jul-2018

The June 12 meeting between the US and North Korea ended two weeks ago. The future looks rather promising with Trump and Kim agreeing to work towards a "complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula." [caption id="attachment_775" align="aligncenter" width="876"] Source: The Today Online[/caption] Fox News got in touch with us moments after it was announced that…

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travel video production company singapore asia


date added :21-Jun-2018

Greece is really more than just Santorini! There are many beautiful and underrated islands around Greece. In our latest mini travel video production, we traveled to Greece to discover Lemnos - a beautiful Greek island in the northern part of the Aegean Sea. Only one hour flight from Athens, the island has been spared from…

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date added :13-Mar-2018

The creative and production value of a video dictates the budget of any video project. More often than not, businesses have to work within a limited video production budget to produce a high-quality marketing video that effectively engages with their audience. With a limited video production budget in mind, here are 3 ways to get…

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video content thorugh the buying cycle

Creating Videos for Different Point of The Buyer Journey

date added :12-Jan-2018

Effective marketing is when your strategy or campaign matches the state and context of your target audience. As a marketer, you wouldn’t use the same email copy or calls to action at the different stages of your sales cycle. Likewise, the video content should be parallel to where the viewer is in relation to your…

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insta360 pro reviews

First Impressions of the Insta360 Pro

date added :08-Dec-2017

Remember when the first 360 videos were shot using just a few GoPros grouped together? Then very roughly stitched together to create a 360 image or video. We've come a long way since then. Enter Insta360 Pro. With the Nokia Ozo being discontinued, we think that the Insta360 Pro is the 360 camera to beat. Not…

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tvc campaign video production singapore


date added :22-Aug-2017

Shiseido Japan reached out to Picture Perfect Productions when they needed a production manager and production resources for their 2018 campaign TVC. Putting together TV commercials is more than just shooting a 30-second short film. There are many moving parts to a TVC and anything could wrong without a resourceful production house and careful planning,…

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video production cost

5 Questions to Consider for a Great Video Brief

date added :31-Jul-2017

When you have a great idea for a video, you’re probably excited to dive right into the production process. But before you to go to a production company to bring your video to life, it is important to clearly communicate expectations and project details from one team to another. The video brief — an overview…

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What to look for in quality 360 video marketing? (Part 1)

date added :31-Jul-2017

360 video marketing has not been capitalised as much in Asia, particularly Southeast Asia, as marketers tend to stick to the traditional marketing route due to them not knowing how to go about it or what to look out for, or simply, having had a bad experience with 360 video service providers. Why 360 Video…

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big berns marketing video

The Final Reveal: A Marketing Video for Big Bern's

date added :29-Mar-2016

Recently, the Picture Perfect Productions team got down to work with Big Bern himself, owner and founder of Big Bern's American Grill. We were tasked to develop a concept for the "Final Reveal" video after almost two months of secrecy about the location of his brand new Big Bern's Grill outlet at Timbre+, the funky…

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