Singapore Fintech Festival Case Study

Case Study: SFF x SWITCH 2019 Event Production

January 10, 2020

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Enterprise Singapore (ESG) came together with Singapore Expo (SingEx) to bring together ‘SFF x SWITCH 2019’. Widely known as the Singapore FinTech Festival, this year’s global event comprises of 900 exhibitors, 10 presentation stages and 41 international pavilions over a full week at Singapore Expo’s 100 000 sq. meter event hall.

SFF x SWITCH 2019 Main event stage filled with people

SingEx reached out to Picture Perfect Productions to create and manage a comprehensive event production solution for pre-event content creation, on-ground event coverage, interviews, same-day post-production, and post-event content delivery.

Our event production solution involved:

4 6 8 4 4
days of pre-event filming days of event filming camera and audio team on site editors producers/directors
5 32 50 500 200,000+
video content filmed videos edited interviews working hours steps walked


Close collaboration, careful planning, and clear communication made this project a huge success. Here’s our 3-point approach to handling complex large-scale events:

  1. Understand our client’s goals and expectations.
    We worked very closely with SingEx to discuss their goals of producing the videos, understand how they want the final product to look before putting in place a clear video production plan.
  2. Establish an agreed production schedule and milestones.
    During the pre-production phase, we constantly update our client, the production team and event stakeholders, with weekly, daily and for critical tasks, even hourly WIP updates on completed tasks, pressing issues, concerns, and coordinate the next steps.
  3. Expect and plan for the unexpected!
    There were many moving parts to this event, we brainstorm worst-case scenarios and prepare contingency solutions for every possible scenario that may happen unexpectedly during the event.

The event kicked off with the three-day SFF x SWITCH Conference at the Singapore Expo. In the bustling halls of Singapore Expo, over 60,000 people gathered for a week of learning and exploration of new financial technologies.

Event production filming of PM Lee visiting exhibition booths at SFF 2019 Our event production crew conducting an interview at SFF 2019

Watch the main festival highlight video:

There was so much great content filmed for this event. Head over to our YouTube playlist to view it all.

Our videographer filming SFF 2019 exhibition space from a high vantage point Our videographer filming an event session at the SFF 2019 side stage.

We’ve received a lot of positive feedback on the tirelessly work the team put into such a huge production, and on the outstanding success of the event! To pull off such a large-scale event, everyone involved was aligned to work toward the same goal. We’d like to thank SingEx, the Monetary Authority of Singapore and Enterprise Singapore for working closely with us on our 3-point process and for recognising the careful planning and management that made this project a huge success.

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