Cameraman with a professional camera setup

Why you NEED Good Technology for Video

August 11, 2022

Good tactics can save even the worst strategy. Bad tactics will destroy even the best strategy. – George S. Patton Jr

For many successful and productive organisations, strategy is key. Same goes with video production. Having a clear plan will help you not only allocate and justify resources for video production, but more importantly, get you the best ROI for your video.

There is no doubt that the importance of video has become more important than ever before. In a study done by Demand Metric, there has been an increase of 260% in companies making more videos a year. However, to achieve the highest quality of video, you need to invest in good technology. You cannot expect Mandalorian-quality-production when you have the budget of your weekly shopping.

High-tech gear can give your productions a premium look and feel, which will help separate you from the pack. Working with a professional production house and crew is the best way to get access to the right technology and filming equipment for your project, whether its 4K camera, top of the line audio kit or the latest VR headset in the market.

Areas of Technology to Explore

Much like your beloved Apple products, every piece of technology in production is subject to updates and improvements that happen in year-plus cycles – delivering higher resolution video and sharper audio with each improvement.

Beyond that however, here are a few areas of technology that will alleviate your corporate video and distinguish it from the rest.

VR and 360-degree cameras bring content to life  

The creative possibilities are endless in this medium and we strongly encourage our clients to take advantage of the benefits that come with it. VR and 360-degree videos both are amazing tech to take your video content to the next level in this digital era and give your brand a competitive edge.

360-degree videos are created using specialised cameras such as which allows the user to film 360 degrees of a scene at the same time. The resulting footage is then stitched to form a single video. Users can view the video using VR headsets or on their mobile devices to view the video from any angle. Turn and move the device and the 360-degree video will follow. Couple this with spatial audio and it delivers a truly immersive experience to the viewer.

According to Cinema8 , recent studies that show more than 65% of online users will watch and interact with a 360-video. There are various benefits of using this type of video from boosting sales, destination marketing, recruitment, data collection and the list goes on. Have a look at the hybrid 360-video we did for Changi Airport Jewel:

Drones Taking you Higher

Drones have become the hottest trend, providing a unique way to capture video footage that delivers significant benefits to your campaign. To top it off, these shots can be done at a significantly lower cost than in times past. Gone were the days of hiring an expensive helicopter for those awesome aerial shots. With the aid of drone-based filming and photography, aerial shots have reached new heights. Aerial shots aren’t the only thing they are good for – they can also help capture 360-videos.

Camera drone flying outdoors over the sea

Drones make aerial shots a lot simpler, is especially compelling for scene-setting establishing shots to get a sense of space/location. It brings the drama. With decent battery life, and advanced stabilisations features, it enables smooth capture of footage.

The importance of working with experienced video team for aerial or drone filming is important. All of our drone pilots and operators are certified with official UA pilot license; while all professional drone flights in Singapore are required to follow strict CAAS regulations and permit applications. 

Quality-of-life upgrades for videographers

Well-equipped expert video crews can optimise every piece of gear to make sure their productions are smooth and efficient. This commitment to high-quality equipment allows personnel to focus on the finished product, rather than wrestling with unsuitable gear.

Take our client Collins Aerospace as an example, they are an aircraft manufacturer and naturally their shoot involved filming engine components. We used a probe lens, an elongated macro lens with a focal length usually around 24mm to film the insides of the engine. This resulted in a unique inside view of the engine, used as a cinematic shot for the final cut. The two images below shows the setup of the probe lens and the director’s monitor view of the shot.

Our cameraman with a specialised probe lens filming the inside of an aircraft engine The inside of an aircraft engine from the probe lens on a director's monitor

Final Thoughts

Not every technology tool that helps out with video production is directly used for video or audio capture. Sometimes, the most impactful solutions can be the tools that make life easier on the set. Good technology can also come in the form of:

  • Advanced handheld monitors with high resolution screens for easier footage review on location
  • Next-gen tripod solutions for better camera stability, which includes continued improvements on gimbals and stabilisers for steady shot movement
  • Upgraded battery and power systems to accommodate energy needs of advanced gear

Technology on its own is just things. It’s what these items allow companies to accomplish that makes them really special. When a video crew has the latest gear, it can bring ambitious ideas to life that leads to impressive footage which will help your corporate productions stand out from the competition.

Leading brands and government agencies across Asia choose us for their video production services. Looking for a more detailed quote, or just want to discuss great video ideas? Picture Perfect Productions is a full-service production house. Drop us a line here and we’d love to help you out!