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Harness the Power of LinkedIn Video Marketing

December 14, 2018

When we talk about video marketing, we don’t hear much about LinkedIn because it is seen as a recruiting tool and not a video platform. Even though it’s not commonly associated with video, LinkedIn offers the B2B users a great opportunity to connect with likeminded professionals.

With the launch of LinkedIn native video, you can build your network and improve your reach – videos on LinkedIn are getting 3x as much engagement as compared to other post types.

There are millions of LinkedIn members on the platform having conversations about expertise, knowledge, career, and interests every day. Learning how to use LinkedIn videos to share your personal experiences and perspectives can help further conversations other professionals and find new opportunities.

The two biggest benefits for Linkedin video marketing are:

  • Authenticity – People want to interact with other people and not logos. Videos allow you to do that authentically.
  • Engagement – Videos tend to be more engaging than static posts like text and images. This is particularly true if you use Linkedin Live.

Recommendations for LinkedIn Video Marketing Strategy

1. Educate and provide value

Video content on LinkedIn is different from Facebook or Instagram. The idea behind creating successful LinkedIn videos should be focused on the intent to educate or engage first. In general, we want to create videos with a genuine message that is not just about hard sell.

Your goal is to provide value to your audience. Think about creating interesting, thought-provoking video content for people or groups related to your industry and get a conversation started. Start planning your Linkedin video marketing with a question or a problem statement, and how would your content answer it.

Remember that your LinkedIn page isn’t there to promote your services or sell a product. Video content with tips, insights and information will perform better.

2. Show off your expertise

Another great way of leveraging LinkedIn videos is to use it position yourself as a thought-leader on the platform. You can consider creating video interviews or panel discussions with experts and connections from your niche.

Think of diversifying written content interviews of subject matter experts, people will build meaningful bonds with the content and the person. meaningful engagement on LinkedIn through video content, post short, sweet, and valuable content for the viewers that showcase your personality.

When it’s time to publish the video, tag your expert guests to extend the reach of your video to their networks as well. Basically, count on the fact that you won’t be showing off your videos to strangers, but to people who’ll be interested to see it, and who’ll be highly engaged with it.

3. Optimise for mobile

Without a doubt, mobile phones is dominating the digital world. LinkedIn research shows that 57% of its user engagement happens on mobile. It is clear that we now need to ensure that our video marketing efforts takes into account the mobile users!

When it comes to mobile content, you’ll want a high-quality video that can be orientated to fit a small screen. The first step to optimising video content for mobile is creating videos with the right format. For best mobile viewing, we suggest 1:1 (square) videos. If you shoot vertically, remember that all vertical videos will be cropped into a square on the mobile feed.

LinkedIn videos begin playing automatically without sound for the majority of its mobile users, so it is an important to include captions and subtitles. This optimisation will not only catch the attention of scrollers and an inclusive way of reaching people with hearing disabilities.

4. Keep videos short and sharp

The newsfeed on social media channels, including LinkedIn, encourages people to consume bite-sized content before they continue scrolling through a never-ending feed. The average length for a video in 2017 was around 3.5 minutes, but in reality only 10 seconds is watched. This means that as content creators, we have the first 10 seconds to capture a viewer’s attention.

Planning your script is key to have a clear idea of the key message and ensuring that your first few sentences are strong, solid and to-the-point. After you’ve hooked them in, feel free to elaborate on your point. But keep in mind that LinkedIn native videos can only be up to 10 minutes long. 

5. Use hashtags

No matter how short or interesting your video is but none of it matters if people don’t see your video. They won’t see it if they can’t find it. So, using hashtags enable people to discover and find your content. Another benefit of hashtags is that it can help categorise your content by specific topic or theme.

Consider what your audience might be searching for and do some keyword research before including hashtags. Avoid using one-word as they are too broad. Best practice is between 3-5 hashtags along with your video to boost your Click Through Rate (CTR). The best part? LinkedIn provides suggested hashtags when you upload a native video!


LinkedIn video marketing is an essential tool that should not be overlooked. If you’re currently using LinkedIn, jumping aboard the video marketing train should be a no-brainer. These recommendations will help you understand how to harness the power of LinkedIn video marketing like a pro.

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