Case Study: CNY Promotional Video Content

January 28, 2019

Many brands have taken the idea of creating a series as promotional video content. In fact, a lot of influential marketing content is done through video series. This is essentially a story told in installments, or in a variety of different ways, it allows the brand to build a more long-term relationship with their audience.

Feng Shui World came to us early November 2018, with a request to create a series of zodiac videos for their Chinese Lunar New Year video campaign happening in February 2019.

Creating A Series for Promotional Video Content

The Zodiac series will feature Feng Shui Master, Jet Lee, who will be presenting the forecasts for the audience to discover their opportunities, challenges & luck in the Year of the Pig. These videos will be not only be published on their social media, but also on large LCD wall screens in the malls around Singapore.

We conceptualised a video series on the 12 Chinese Zodiac predictions for 2019 that included a mixture of video and animation. We wanted to create a series with high production values especially with the animation. This set a tone of professionalism and conveyed the message that even though Feng Shui World is creating content around the Lunar New Year and the 12 Zodiacs, it looks just as good as a feature film.

When your brand has merchandise, don’t be afraid to show it off. This was exactly what we’ve done – by highlighting Feng Shui World’s lucky charm Pandora bracelets in creative ways. We depict beautiful the bracelets by placing it on a turntable to give more depth and interest than just a plain product photo.

Check out the 12 Chinese Zodiac videos below, and find out your predictions for 2019!

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