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The Benefits of Sponsored Video Content

February 7, 2020

Sponsored content has existed for decades in print magazines. But as digital marketing has taken over the way we consume content, we’ve see a shift in sponsorships from print to digital; thriving on digital platforms like YouTube, Buzzfeed, Instagram and blogs. Sponsored content can come in many forms but more importantly it will have three main components:

  1. The sponsor – A business or brand that pays the external partner to produce and distribute the content.
  2. The partner – A platform, network or space (like a website) where the desired target audience will interact with the content
  3. The content – video, image or podcast

Creating sponsored content requires a careful balance between advertising and being interesting so that your brand will come across as relatable and credible.

What are the benefits of using sponsored content?

Sponsored videos are becoming a popular method of digital marketing for various reasons:

  1. They look different from traditional video ads, it is designed and created to appear like the regular content with an engaging twist—be it an article, infographic, photo, or video. While it is still part of native advertising, viewing sponsored content does not cause ad fatigue.
  2. They can be produced for several different platforms in different forms. For instance, a sponsored video may be featured on a popular listicle website, on an influencer’s Instagram account or an in-flight video.
  3. They allow your brand to explore new content ideas to connect with new audiences. Furthermore, audiences are more inclined to accept the recommendation or information if it is placed on a trustworthy platform or network.

Air Asia’s Sponsored Video Content Series

Malaysia’s top low-cost airline AirAsia, like many brands, wanted to reach out to a broad audience with in-flight video content that engages and brings people into an experience. Partnering with Air Asia, we created a series of branded video content for multiple Southeast Asian cities.

Just like a traditional in-flight magazine, the AirAsia branded video series will feature sponsored content. We know that in-flight magazines are well-produced publications on board, the difference with creating a sponsored videos series boils down to two important factors: a strong format and the distribution platform.

How do you create travel content that speaks to the bold world explorers, business travellers, the foodies and everyone in between?

Answer: strike a balance between inclusivity and exclusivity by communicating each destination’s universal appeal as well as its niche. Our aim was to have a series that demonstrated the unique experiences that each destination and AirAsia have to offer to travelers.

Over a period of 6 months, we produced a total of 11 destination content spanning across 4 countries – Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. Besides showcasing a picturesque scene or delicious dish, we enhance the video content by using a voiceover to emphasise and adding more context to what’s being seen on screen. We want to emotionally communicate what each destination about with a voice that’s refreshing, exciting and most importantly, relevant to the narrative of our travel content.

Watch some of our favourites from the AirAsia destination series below or watch them all here.


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