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Do I Need a Storyboard for My Video?

date added : 18-01-2022

The biggest question a lot of clients have is, do I need a storyboard? The real answer is – it depends. There is a time and place for everything; this includes storyboarding. Detailed frame by frame storyboards are great in theory, but are they really necessary for your video project?  As production house that works with small to large scale projects, we like to think of storyboarding as the process of creating structure. There’s no one absolute way to drafting a storyboard. Every…

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date added : 12-06-2020

Despite the drastic change in the way we do things, one thing remains constant: the need to create content that tells a story to connect with your audiences on an emotional level. With many countries taking the lock down approach, this pandemic has left many adjusting to a new normal and learning new ways to do things. Your consumers are experiencing the side effects of a pandemic such as income changes, limited social interaction, and fear for their own health…

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