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video storyboard on paper

Do I Need a Storyboard for My Video?

date added : 18-01-2022

The biggest question a lot of clients have is, do I need a storyboard? The real answer is – it depends. There is a time and place for everything; this includes storyboarding. Detailed frame by frame storyboards are great in theory, but are they really necessary for your video project?  As production house that works with small to large scale projects, we like to think of storyboarding as the process of creating structure. There’s no one absolute way to drafting a storyboard. Every…

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date added : 09-05-2019

Capturing interviews has unique challenges compared to other productions, so it’s important to be dialed in when it comes to lighting, shooting, audio and conducting them — and with our guide, you’ll understand the A-Zs of a successful corporate interview shoot. Last month, we had to plan for a corporate interview shoot across 5 days as part of IBM’s corporate conference coverage. There were interviews and event coverage to be filmed every day. We give our clients the highest level…

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Choosing the Perfect Music for Your Video

date added : 19-12-2018

Music plays an important role in your corporate video and should not be overlooked. Just as how we prep for capturing good audio during a shoot, we also plan to choose music for a video in advance. It’s not uncommon to start thinking about this while we prepare a script, or even earlier, often with the client. A good soundtrack to your film sets the mood — and it can even be an important part of the story. Adding the…

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linkedin video production


date added : 14-12-2018

There are millions of LinkedIn members that have conversations about work, career, and interests every day. With the launched of LinkedIn native video, you can build your network and improve your reach. Learning how to use LinkedIn videos to share your experience and perspectives can help further these conversations to get ahead in your careers and find new opportunities. 1. KEEP YOUR LINKEDIN VIDEO SHORT AND SHARP Short and sharp means no more than 2 to 3 minutes. The newsfeed…

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fox news trump kim summit


date added : 06-07-2018

The June 12 meeting between the US and North Korea ended two weeks ago. The future looks rather promising with Trump and Kim agreeing to work towards a "complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula." [caption id="attachment_775" align="aligncenter" width="876"] Source: The Today Online[/caption] Fox News got in touch with us moments after it was announced that Singapore would be the location for the event. Fox had planned to bring a number of their top rating shows including the "Hannity Show" to…

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5 Questions to Consider for a Great Video Brief

date added : 31-07-2017

When you have a great idea for a video, you’re probably excited to dive right into the production process. But before you to go to a production company to bring your video to life, it is important to clearly communicate expectations and project details from one team to another. The video brief — an overview of objectives, goals, messaging, and more — is critical to the success of your video based on two main reasons: It helps you to think…

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