Author: Andrew Psarianos


AirAsia Branded Video Content

date added : 07-02-2020

Malaysia’s top low-cost airline AirAsia, like many brands, wanted to reach out to their audience with in-flight video content that engages and brings people into an experience. Partnering with DAB Events, we created a series of branded content for AirAsia that promotes local tourism boards, rental car agencies, hotels, restaurants and more. We know that airlines have always had in-flight magazines that are usually well-produced publications on board. The difference with creating branded video content is the digital distribution angle. Just…

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date added : 03-02-2020

[video width="640" height="360" mp4=""][/video]   When it came to the production of Armani’s Spring Summer 2020 (SS20) campaign, it was a tough decision between Los Angeles or Singapore. Ultimately, the decision was to film in Singapore. Italian production house – The Box Films, got in touch with us as they were looking for a local production house that could put together a large-scale stills and video production. The concept and direction of Armani and world-renowned photographer – Mario Sorrenti’s vision…

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SFF x SWITCH 2019: Covering APAC’s Largest Financial Technology Conference

date added : 10-01-2020

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Enterprise Singapore (ESG) came together with Singapore Expo (SingEx) to create ‘SWITCH’, the 2019 Singapore FinTech Festival, with 900 exhibitors, 10 presentation stages and 41 international pavilions over a full week at Singapore Expo’s 100 000 sq. meter event hall. SingEx asked Picture Perfect Productions to create and manage a comprehensive event production solution for pre-event content creation, on-ground event coverage, interviews, same-day post-production, and post-event content delivery. Our solution involved: 4 days…

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date added : 09-05-2019

Capturing interviews has unique challenges compared to other productions, so it’s important to be dialed in when it comes to lighting, shooting, audio and conducting them — and with our guide, you’ll understand the A-Zs of a successful corporate interview shoot. Last month, we had to plan for a corporate interview shoot across 5 days as part of IBM’s corporate conference coverage. There were interviews and event coverage to be filmed every day. We give our clients the highest level…

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date added : 28-01-2019

Many brands have taken the idea of creating a video series as promotional content. In fact, a lot of influential video marketing is done through video series. This is essentially a story told in installments, or in a variety of different ways, it allows the brand to build a more long-term relationship with their audience. Feng Shui World came to us early November 2018, with a request to create a series of zodiac videos for their Chinese Lunar New Year…

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Choosing the Perfect Music for Your Video

date added : 19-12-2018

Music plays an important role in your video and should not be overlooked. Just as how we prep for capturing good audio during a shoot, we also plan to choose music for a video in advance. It’s not uncommon to start thinking about this while we prepare a script, or even earlier, often with the client. A good soundtrack to your film sets the mood — and it can even be an important part of the story. Adding the right…

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date added : 14-12-2018

  There are millions of LinkedIn members that have conversations about work, career, and interests every day. With the launched of LinkedIn native video, you can build your network and improve your reach. Learning how to use videos to share your experience and perspectives can help further these conversations to get ahead in your careers and find new opportunities. 1. KEEP IT SHORT AND SHARP Short and sharp means no more than 2 to 3 minutes. The newsfeed on social…

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date added : 21-06-2018

Greece is really more than just Santorini! There are many beautiful and underrated islands around Greece. In our latest mini travel series, we traveled to Greece to discover Lemnos - a beautiful Greek island in the northern part of the Aegean Sea. Only one hour flight from Athens, the island has been spared from mass tourism. It surprises visitors with vast beaches, crystal waters, mountainous villages and many fascinating archaeological sites. A throwback to 1915, Lemnos was a major base…

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How Much for a 1-min Video? A Guide to Video Production Cost.

date added : 31-07-2017

That is the million-dollar question and as a production company, we get this question a lot. We believe it is a valid question because budget plays a crucial role in determining which production house you work with or the kind of creative direction you decide to pursue. However, the truthful answer to the question above is, it depends. Similarly, how much does it cost for a car or a handbag, or a pair of shoes? The price varies depending on…

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What to look for in quality 360 video marketing? (Part 1)

date added : 31-07-2017

360 video marketing has not been capitalised as much in Asia, particularly Southeast Asia, as marketers tend to stick to the traditional marketing route due to them not knowing how to go about it or what to look out for, or simply, having had s bad experience with 360 video service providers. This is a wasted opportunity. Having a 360 video vs a standard 2D video as part of your marketing campaign, whether it be for your retail outlet(s), or…

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