date added : 21-Jun-2018

Greece is really more than just Santorini! There are many beautiful and underrated islands around Greece. In our latest mini travel series, we traveled to Greece to discover Lemnos - a beautiful Greek island in the northern part of the Aegean Sea. Only one hour flight from Athens, the island has been spared from mass tourism. It surprises visitors with vast beaches, crystal waters, mountainous villages and many fascinating archaeological sites. A throwback to 1915, Lemnos was a major base…

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date added :13-Mar-2018

The creative and production value of a video dictates the budget of any video project. More often than not, businesses have to work within a limited budget to produce a high-quality marketing video that effectively engages with their audience. With a limited production budget in mind, here are 3 ways to get started on your…

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Creating Videos for Different Point of The Buyer Journey

date added :12-Jan-2018

Effective marketing is when your strategy or campaign matches the state and context of your target audience. As a marketer, you wouldn’t use the same email copy or calls to action at the different stages of your sales cycle. Likewise, the video content should be parallel to where the viewer is in relation to your…

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First Impressions of the Insta360 Pro

date added :08-Dec-2017

Remember when the first 360 videos were shot using just a few GoPros grouped together? Then very roughly stitched together to create a 360 image or video. We've come a long way since then. Enter Insta360 Pro. With the Nokia Ozo being discontinued, we think that the Insta360 Pro is the 360 camera to beat. Not…

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date added :22-Aug-2017

Shiseido Japan reached out to Picture Perfect Productions when they needed a production manager and production resources for their 2018 campaign TVC. Putting together TV commercials is more than just shooting a 30-second short film. There are many moving parts to a TVC and anything could wrong without a resourceful production house and careful planning,…

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How Much for a 1-min Video? A Guide to Video Production Cost.

date added :31-Jul-2017

That is the million-dollar question and as a production company, we get this question a lot. We believe it is a valid question because budget plays a crucial role in determining which production house you work with or the kind of creative direction you decide to pursue. However, the truthful answer to the question above…

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What to look for in quality 360 video marketing? (Part 1)

date added :31-Jul-2017

360 video marketing has not been capitalised as much in Asia, particularly Southeast Asia, as marketers tend to stick to the traditional marketing route due to them not knowing how to go about it or what to look out for, or simply, having had s bad experience with 360 video service providers. This is a…

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The Final Reveal: A Marketing Video for Big Bern's

date added :29-Mar-2016

Recently, the Picture Perfect Productions team got down to work with Big Bern himself, owner and founder of Big Bern's American Grill. We were tasked to develop a concept for the "Final Reveal" video after almost two months of secrecy about the location of his brand new Big Bern's Grill outlet at Timbre+, the funky…

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